In 2002 the one man company Disan Belgium was founded by Peter Muyters. The company started only like a one-man company, but with a vision and passion, as a great believer in central vacuum, the company growth out like the biggest central vacuum supplier in Belgium.

However, before 2006, the company did not produce own products, Disan Belgium did only do resales in the products they believed in. In the years Peter Muyters was busy building his company, it became clear that the available products that where available on the market could not keep up with the solutions or the technologic growth that the market was asking. The owner was sure that there was a huge market, waiting for high end, innovative, energy friendly and environmental friendly products, installations, and solutions in the world from central vacuum. All sectors in the market, domestic, commercial, industrial and carwashes, where not innovative or making no progress in products or quality.

From this the company ERGOX was born, a small till middle seized company, that, because of big success, could develop and design many new high end products in recordtime, to create state of the art installations. Nodaway’s Ergox is worldwide known for his out of the box thinking solutions, maintenance free installations, and being king and leader in having the lowest energy consumption of big central vacuum cleaning systems for industries and carwashes.